Email Marketing: Managing Email Bounces

For those of us engaged in email marketing there is the additional concern of frightening away those on our emails lists. However, and you no doubt knew this was coming, there are times when jargon can be all but essential.

Email marketing is a simple yet effective way to reach out to clients or people through email and letting them know about the business you do. You can create a website for your business giving out all the details and attach it to the email before you send it.

Renting an email address list can be very cost-effective. For a fee, you are taking advantage of someone else’s hard earned email list building. Normally, these lists are credible and the people on the lists have given their permission to receive third-party mail. These emails are carefully monitored and the providers are normally not considered or guilty of spamming. Whether obtained from email campaigns, direct bulk email marketing, or an email newsletter subscriptions, these email address lists are a valuable source of sales and leads.

) Now You need Traffic! You know who you want seeing your ad, now we must make an ad! To do this we are going to set up a PPC campaign, PPC stands for Pay Per Click, Its pretty much paying for temporary ranking on the search engines… Its a form of advertising I highly recommend learning if you are going to do online marketing. You pay every time someone clicks on your ad, so that means you only pay if you get traffic to your site!

You may also find that free email marketing software works just fine for you. You might never end up paying to get a bigger or better package. This could be true for a couple reasons. Perhaps you like not having to pay for a package, or maybe you are so used to the basics that when you add in other features it’s just too much to handle. Having all sorts of features does not mean it’s a better program. It means that it has the potential to do more, but you may not always need more for good results.

Include your own opt-in button on as many of your web-pages as possible. It is particularly important to include one on your home page and your checkout/contact page if appropriate. You may want to refer to your opt-in button when writing Call-To-Actions. These may be at the end of blogs and web articles and could potentially attract more subscribers.

Secondly, try to use a share button for website visitor. People normally believe their friends and would like to check out what their friends just share. If you put a share button on your website, you can get many subscribers from the recommendation of friends.

So in closing, I would say to focus your efforts on things that drive a positive return on your investment. If it doesn’t work, then stop doing it. My goal for going into the New Year is to work smarter, not harder!

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Email Marketing: Managing Email Bounces

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