Estate Planning Vs. Advanced Estate Planning

Medical power of attorney is one of the most important POAs, which you will have to use some time or the other. Let us first consider, what is the power of an attorney? Actually power of attorney is a legal document through which you can transfer or in fact share the power with some of the other person on whom you can trust. When we talk about some of the money matters then we know that there is a degree of danger. But do you feel that you are in danger if you are not in good condition as far as the health is concerned and nobody is there to take care of you. This is certainly quite important and you definitely need to know about the medical power of attorney. It can be very helpful to you.

Review the bank statements from the prior year and ascertain where the money is coming from. Look for deposits and transfers in. Are social security or retirement payments coming monthly via automatic transfers in or check deposits? If checks were deposited monthly for most of the year, but not during the past few months, where are those checks? They may be sitting in unopened envelopes or lost somewhere. You may need to call the payer and have the checks reissued.

Keep your will, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, adoption papers, military records, citizenship papers, صيانة شاشات بريما and copies of your 401D accounts along with the names of your beneficiaries, property titles, deeds and mortgages forever-to name a few.

Thirdly, but VERY IMPORTANT!, Before they move in, make sure to schedule time for you (yes you are also a person) to get away. As much as we want to help and to take care of elderly parents it can be very stressful and trying. If you don’t build into your schedule a time to “recharge” it is very likely that you will burn out.

The answer, of course, is no. Nor does He expect it. Even your heartfelt gratitude is insufficient. You couldn’t repay Him if you tried your whole life! That’s why is called a ‘favor’.

For routine legal needs such as wills, document reviews and filing papers to protect your interests, there are companies who will have attorneys at your beck and call whenever you need them. By paying a monthly fee, you can get the advice and help that you need for the small things, and discounted rates for emergencies or larger issues.

Of course, you must have a frank, respectful, non-judgmental talk with your loved one, if he or she is competent, before you delve into their personal affairs. If they ask for your help, or if they have been declared incompetent, check with your attorney, tax advisor, loved one’s physician, and other family members before you begin. You will most likely need to obtain Power of Attorney, access to bank accounts, and/or other legal documentation.

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