How To Begin Your Own Social Media Services

With little or no money coming in how do you keep your home based business alive until it starts making money again? This article will provide you with a clear cut strategy to help your business weather the hard economic times it may be experiencing and guide it back into profitability in 3 steps.

Erin Blaskie: When I was a child, I think around 6 years old, my father gave my sister and I a Commodore 64 and let us play with it as much as we wanted. My sister and I would setup a pseudo-office in our family’s living-room and I would be the boss – assigning her work as I saw fit. My inner geek began to flourish then. Fast forward to when my family got the Internet and I sort of became interested in the possibilities. I had an online journal before blogging became popular and I would build websites in Microsoft Front Page for fun. I have always been drawn to the web and have essentially grown up on it.

There is so much more as well, but for now, be proud of yourself that now are part of the social media elite, and marketing your business with new tools that will scale indefinitely!

A) We started back working on Version March 2006, even before the term SMO was first coined. The idea behind version was and still is to completely eliminate all obstacles web publishers have in the distribution of their content for the visitors and the social media services that might use them. Our internal term for it was originally social SEO, but I like better Social Media Optimization.

Investigate whether your product sells better by recommendation versus education. Use wikis and widgets to help recommend, or use videos and podcasts for education.

Q) You have a new perspective has on the bookmark play with the “Products” button. If it apart, it seems like it would be great for ecommerce sites, located mainly in reporting. I have not seen elsewhere. What made you bring the product into a product Angle button?

Even though search engine optimization is the gateway to success in online business, the going isn’t going to be easy. The coming years will see challenging times for any SEO outsourcing company as well as for a social media services company.

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