Kolte Patil Life Republic: A Meaningful Way Of Life

One and a half hours is my usual commute time to my current work place. It takes forty-five miles to get there. During winter storm it takes much, much longer… I certainly have enough time to listen to the Boston Public Radio (WBUR station), and my thoughts usually start with “WHY are we all sitting here?”, slowly moving, wasting fuel, and finally contributing our share to the Global Warming… Good Morning (or Good Night) America on Wheels!

The Lenovo Essential B470 have Nvidia graphics card installed on it, rather than default integrated Intel HD3000 graphic card in G570. As we know Nvidia graphics card is about the entry level of GPUs but when it comes to gamming, its performance is really excellent than the Intel HD300 and can give you the nice gaming experience on it.

US global interests will also be a big winner. Hugo Chaves (small but continuing headache) will lose as Venezuela cannot survive with less than $60 per a barrel, and outgoing Russia’s President Mr. Putin will lose a lot of his power as well. Putin has been busy helping Russia flex muscles against the West in the last few years, mostly by leveraging increasing Russia’s oil revenues. No more this sly Russian former spy and dictator will have funds to develop new missiles and nuclear submarines. Russia economic success of last few years had been squarely based on high oil price. If it drops, Russia’s government ambitions of Great Resurrected Russia will deflate as quickly as they did during USSR collapse.

Don’t you wish you had for Efcc all the customers and prospects who call you in crisis mode and end up getting free consulting services and expertise from you? Because you thought they were interested in doing business with you, when all they were after was picking your brain when they are in crisis? Wow, if that “free advice”, which we call prospecting, were part of billable time, our employers would be thrilled.

This is why I recommend a website over a blog. Blogging can be profitable, but building a website is a much better investment of your time. Blogs are very demanding on your time since blog readers expect to see new material on the blog on a regular schedule. Also, blogs are time sensitive and the newest entry is read, and the older entries are forgotten. On a website, the content is ageless. The reader can go to any page and read it without knowing whether it was written a year ago or yesterday. As a WAHM, invest your time in a website versus a blog.

Sign-offs are an art form in themselves and if you haven’t got your head around writing headlines, opening sentences and footnotes you are unlikely to have mastered the finer points of leaving a good impression when saying good-bye.

Finally, choose a tool that has all these functional features. The tool should be affordable as well. It is now possible to get an absolutely free website builder that works perfectly.

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Kolte Patil Life Republic: A Meaningful Way Of Life

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