Pipeline Jobs – Welding Certification For A Pipeline Welder

With the coming approval of the Keystone Pipeline, plus all the shale oil activity, and even President Obama saying he likes natural gas, the demand for 6G code pipe welders is going to go through the roof. The question is, how do you get hired to weld pipe?

Go to eBay and enter “Pipeliner.” Next, hit the drop down list on the upper right and select highest prices. On the left scroll down until you find “Completed Items” and select that. This will give you the sold welders in green. ONLY the prices in green mean anything. Anyone can ask any amount of money for anything. When a sale is completed – that’s when true value is established.

The organisation responsible for the click here certification, the United Association of Plumbers and pipefitters (UA) has made a unique code for the same, i.e. UA-1, 2, 3, 4 etc. It goes on till the number 92 is reached. The common tests count up to 92 but there can be other possibilities as well.

I sort of understand the greenie argument about oil. I don’t think man is making a huge climate difference because what we do is so small compared to what nature does, and will do in the near future with volcanos (for example).

Once you have certified 6G, and then practiced enough to make the video described above, put that video on You Tube, and every social page you can. Put it on your website with your written resume. Get a simple to say (over the phone) and easy to remember URL.

One trick you can apply with this type of rod is this: The polarity can be switched when welding this rod allowing for less penetration or digging as it is being welded. Sometimes on thin metal or metal that cannot hold up to a great deal of scouring effort by the norm of these rods can be overcome by this little trick. Make the ground positive and the hot lead negative (reverse polarity). You will find that the sound is a bit different while welding than it normally would be. You will also find that the welding rod does not have the tendency to dig or penetrate as much.

That’s a bummer (if you are a pipe welder or want to be one) because it will mean a lot of work for a lot of highly paid pipe welders. However, the best way to have a career is to plan it – the delay of a year will give you time to get ready to make bank on the pipeline.

Later model Classic units are diesel. The high cost of fuel makes this matter. IF you are running a rig 12 hours a day, diesel can make a big cost difference because diesel cost less to operate. However, a gas model will be less expensive to buy.

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