Real Men Practice Yoga … Or Do They?

Bali is an island in Indonesia that is located in the western most end of the islands named Lesser Sunda. This is a great tourist destination and is known for its dance, highly developed arts, painting, sculpture, metal working, leather and music.

There are many different forms of yoga such as – Rajyoga, Kripalu yoga, Power Yoga, Bikram yoga etc. every form has its own benefits and asanas. This makes it different from others. Some might help you relax, some might help you lose weight and some might help to follow a healthy routine so that you do not face any health issues.

Waitomo, New Zealand – This is just hours from Auckland. It’s very small and very rural – and so relaxing that you can slip into a coma. Which is what you’ll be ready for if you choose to hit the multitude of limestone caves in the area, where you can scope out the famous glow worms. When you can hear sheep and pigs outside your hotel, you know you’ve really gotten away from it all.

Do you want to practice yoga closer to your home or do you want to head to the original yoga destination – India? – if you cannot travel very far away from your hometown it is best that you select a yoga retreat which is rated amongst the best in your area. You not only save on travel time but also valuable dollars. If you want to experience yoga in the land of its origin – India then select the state you want to head to, the kinds of Yoga retreats Nicoya peninsula available there, facilities offered and of course make bookings well in advance.

Now, you got to select your yoga retreat destination based on a number of factors. You need to ensure that you consider various factors such as the objective of your trip and the personal preference.

If you want to be doubly safe, you can do a search on the internet for the instructor’s name. See if there are any reviews on his lessons and check out his website if he has one. See if there are any students’ testimonials.

Many feel that this form of exercise, will help the physically weak persons to gain mental and physical strength. It is believed that if you do not indulge in a poses that make you sweat hard like ‘surya namaskars’ you aren’t doing yoga, you are just meditating.

Research, think and then finalize on the yoga teacher training program that suits you the best. Do not take any decision without a thorough research an later land up at a place that is not as per your taste and needs.

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