Subliminal Software: Change Your Lifestyle

Once upon a time, there was a film called Batman Begins (2005). It was something, when announced, that didn’t exactly sit well in the stomachs of many a persons (especially me). While we remembered the dark and gothic Tim Burton franchise (Batman, Batman Returns), and the “ok” entry by Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever)… we were once again reminded of Batman and Robin. Folks, that one almost had a sequel (Batman: Endgame). Why I don’t mention good ol’ Joel for BaR (I like that abriveation… it’s almost a subliminal message as to the only way you can possibly watch it…and like it)? Well, listen to the BaR commentary. He apologizes and explains that it wasn’t his fault. Moving on…

The secret with success using subliminal messages is how you expose yourself to them. I prefer a combination of Subliminal Video and Subliminal Audio. I have found this combination to be the only way that subliminal messages have worked for me. This combination also seems to help the results arrive in record time.

Exercise equipment. Nothing says, “I think you could stand to lose weight” like a Stairmaster. The same goes for a set of barbells, a Pilates instructional video, or a gym membership. Even if she’s talked about getting fit, this kind of gift will make her wonder whether you like her body the way it is.

One of the simplest ways that television ads weave their way round the “ban” is to hide in sight. If the so-called how to train your wife to be submissive is there, center stage in the advert, there’s no way it can be hidden. Can it?

Now, this is going to be hard to take in if you just lost your job and the creditors are calling every day. Bear with me. I was there too. I read Joe Vitale telling me that I could have anything as long as I didn’t “need it” and I didn’t know how to be without a job and not “need” everything.

It divided critics, fans, and confused audience members. Worst of all, it made only $55 million dollars. The second weekend saw a massive drop in ticket sales for the giant, and of this writing, it sits second at the box office.

First of all, you can use subliminals for self-help: you can improve your self-confidence, treat acne, improve your relationships with the opposite sex and much more with the help of special subliminal messaging computer programs. One of such programs is Subliminal Flash (by Ded Pyhto, Inc); you can search it on Google and download for free.

For years they had gotten negative press as they were looked at as being evil in nature. Many groups that were played heavy metal music had problems for doing such things. Also many of the ones in the past would only be heard if a person played the music backwards. That would be tricky.

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Subliminal Software: Change Your Lifestyle

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