The Most Common Security Guard Mistakes

If it was not for the Internet, Russia would never learn that its top human rights activist had invented new rules of the road on the streets of Moscow.

This one sounds the most promising to me so far. This is the TV version of Ron Howard’s family comedy movie Parenthood which debuted in 1989. This is a show about sweetly dysfunctional family dynamics. Starring in this one is Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls, and Rick Moranis.

Mirrors is not without a few problems. Some of the characters besides Ben are cardboard and bland. Sutherland on the other hand was impressive. I remember the last time I saw him in so many movies. When Kiefer did A Few Good Men and Flatliners, I thought his acting abilities were impressive then. But he never quite shook the image of the bad guy until after his TV show, 24. Now we can appreciate him as a bad guy and a good guy.

More worrisome was the fact that another foreigner on the 9th floor had smelled smoke and begun running throughout the halls breaking all the fire alarms and looking for extinguishers. The alarms didn’t work, nor did others he tried on lower floors before realizing the fire truck was arriving (alerted, we learned later by a how to start a security guard company returning from a long noodle and tea break). And there are no smoke alarms in any of the apartments. An email to this effect was sent to our Foreign Affairs department which replied that the pyrowhining barbarian was simply wrong.

There are plenty of things you can do for free to beef up your home security. Put a sign in your front yard warning of a vicious guard dog or NRA membership. You can start and join one of the most effective programs for home security there is: a neighborhood watch program. You can eliminate hiding places by lower-level doors and windows.

Small business security is huge. Seventy percent of all small business losses are from employee theft and customer theft. While business owners are struggling to stay afloat in a tough economy, employees and customers are trying to figure out what and how much to steal. Sad but very true.

At first Ben’s estranged wife Amy (Paula Patton) doesn’t believe him about everything, but when her son’s reflection is left in the mirror smiling at her after her son has left the room, then does she really believe that something is going on. Now, the family can’t look at anything that will show a reflection. Too bad after painting mirrors and the television and covering up windows, that they don’t realize that reflections can still be seen in water, doorknobs, knives… And to top it off, the young son can see and talk to ‘the mirror people’.

These confidence building techniques have already helped out a lot of people. The important thing here is that you grow to become a better person who believes in your own capabilities.

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The Most Common Security Guard Mistakes

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