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If you have chosen to have your pet cremated and the remains to be placed in an urn then you have probably thought about what kind of container would work best for you. When selecting an urn you will find that there are several options for pet urns available to you. Pet urns not only allow you to always have your pet with you but they also give you a way to personalize the container that their remains will be kept in for years to come.

What is to be done with the ashes after cremation is also a thing that affect the costs. The ashes might be buried and the cost for a burial plot, grave opening, and grave closing will have to be paid. Ashes that are spread at sea come with the cost of boat tickets. There are some people who place the urn filled with the ashes in a mausoleum at the grave yard and the cost of this is dependent on the grave yard that is used.

We then had our hospice volunteer call Mr. Martin at Atlantic to tell him that Hardee Mortuary would be returning the body later that afternoon. Mom and I were not privy to the entire conversation, and Carol has spared us the details, but we could tell that she was not pleased with Mr. Martin.

Being the one show that treated and allowed us to see life and death in a realistic and graphic way. It was not always easy to watch but give credit to the show for its honesty and realism that both entertained us and alarmed us simultaneously.

Some people just dig a hole in the yard and bury their dog or cat. But many people want their pet properly urn and cremated them. Giving them the wrong burial will be exactly the same as giving your grandmother’s improper burial.

Set a budget. When your pet dies, it’s easy to get carried away when purchasing burial and Pet cremation Pittsburgh, especially when looking at custom urns. Take the time to assess how much you can realistically spend on an urn and stick to that number.

First and foremost, cremation is often one of the top last requests of a loved one before they depart this world. Fulfilling their request will give you a sense of closure, since you want to make sure that you are following their last wishes. There’s nothing dishonorable about making the choice that they would have wanted, even if other family members disagree with that choice. You may be in a current state of affairs where others are questioning your every move. You must focus on the task at hand: discovering the best way to honor the dearly departed.

The author of this article is in no way connected to any of the above-listed funeral homes. None of these companies has offered any compensation for this article or asked for this article to be written. This is a completely unbiased, first-hand report of how four Wilmington-area mortuaries treated the author and her family in a time of loss and grief.

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