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Hier einige Informationen zu diesen Updates. Addresses an issue that causes Microsoft Edge to stop working after a few seconds when running a software restriction policy. Addresses an issue that causes Microsoft and Azure Active Directory accounts to receive the password prompt repeatedly instead of only once. Addresses an issue that prevents Windows Hello from generating good keys when it detects weak cryptographic keys because of TPM firmware issues. This issue only occurs if the policy to require the TPM is configured. Addresses an issue that prevents users from unlocking their session and that sometimes displays incorrect user-name domain-name information on the logon screen when multiple users log on to a machine using fast user switching.
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At first I just blew this off as one of those "hmm, that was weird" items. But now I've had this happen on too many occassions to ignore it as one of those 'quirks' that just happens. I've noticed on several occassions when in Windows Explorer and I have browsed to a network location, when a file is copied into this folder from another computer and replaces an existing file, my Windows Explorer in Windows 8 RP does NOT refresh the contents showing that one of the files now has a new modified date. This behavior doesn't happen a lot, but enough that I have now noticed it. Basically I leave Windows Explorer in Win8 open and have it viewing the network folder when I copy a new file to this location from another computer. In Windows 7, if you do this, it immediately refreshes the folder contents to reflect the file s you're looking at have new modified dates. But in Windows 8, when this issues pops up, nothing I do will get Windows Explorer to actually update the contents to show the updated modified file date.
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Windows 10 Updates KB4093117 und KB4093120 (17.04.2018)

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Diese Funktion gibt Datum und Uhrzeit zurück, wann die Datenblöcke einer Datei beschrieben wurden, das heisst, der Zeitpunkt, wann der Inhalt der Datei zuletzt geändert wurde. Beispiel 1 filemtime Beispiel. Beachten Sie, dass die zeitliche Auflösung bei verschiedenen Dateisystemen unterschiedlich sein kann. Die Ergebnisse dieser Funktion werden gecached. Weitere Details erhalten Sie bei clearstatcache.

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